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    홍재상 교수 AMBS 2014 환영사
    Admin     2015/02/25 1:53 pm
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제2차 아시아 해양생물학 심포지엄의 조직위원장을 맡은 홍재상 교수

Welcome to the 2nd AMBS Meeting Jeju Island, Korea Preserving the ocean’s beauty and resources for future generations is a fundamental obligation and task for us all. However, the health of many coastal and ocean environments across the world are in jeopardy due to numerous human-induced stressors occurring at different temporal and spatial scales, such as overfishing, ocean dumping, invasive species, global warming, ocean acidification, etc. Unfortunately, threats to these environments are increasing in many areas, and the links between such factors and deteriorating ocean health have been confirmed through research. In extreme cases, these stressors have resulted in diminution of marine productivity in some local and regional seas. We, marine biologists, realize that the severity of this crisis is at an unprecedented level in human history and poses an overwhelming threat to the health of our oceans. In this regard, the birth of the Asian Marine Biology Symposium in 2012 in Phuket, Thailand, was an internationally significant event for marine biologists in Asian countries. As we all know, Asian seas have been suffering from environmental disturbances due to rapid, but environmentally less thoughtful, economic growth during the last five decades. Economic growth in many Asian countries has been exponential, but the industrialization that has driven the growth has led to the deterioration of ocean environments at a consonant rate. Before we reach the point of no return, we must take actions to respond to the environmental threats to our oceans, so that we can ensure future generations continue to have access to the bountiful resources that healthy oceans provide. To protect and ensure the sustainable use of our regional seas, we must develop a better understanding of our ocean systems, not only at the local scale but also regional and global scales, as these systems are interconnected. Likewise, biological systems in our oceans must be considered and understood in an integrated fashion from species to entire ecosystems. To provide a forum for discussion about these and other issues in marine biology, I am now proud to announce the second AMBS in 2014. Meeting will be held at the southern resort of Jeju Island, Korea, which has been designated as UNESCO’s natural World Heritage site. The mission of this symposium is to; · Promote research in marine ecosystems of Asian regional seas · Discuss marine biological issues at local, regional, and global scales among the Asian marine biologists · Facilitate communications among professional working groups The 2nd AMBS will address the above symposium objectives by convening a conference to discuss a variety of issues and share ideas among the Asian marine biologists. Please come to Jeju Island to meet and discuss with other professionals about critical issues in marine biology. During your stay, you will enjoy the beauty of this unique island, scientific field trip opportunities, and local foods.



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